Rahul Gandhi Unveils Congress’s Pledge for Economic Revival at Bikaner Rally

Rahul Gandhi

Bikaner: In a spirited rally in Bikaner, Rajasthan, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi outlined his party’s ambitious manifesto, promising a transformative economic agenda aimed at eradicating poverty. Under the Congress’s plan, every woman from a household below the poverty line would receive Rs 1 lakh annually, translating to a monthly deposit of Rs 8500. This initiative, Gandhi asserted, would strike at the heart of poverty, eliminating it with a single, decisive stroke.

Gandhi’s speech took a critical tone as he addressed the unmet demands of various demographics in India. He highlighted the long-standing request for a Minimum Support Price (MSP) by farmers, the call for employment opportunities by the youth, and the plea for inflation relief by women. Despite these clear voices, Gandhi lamented, their concerns remain unheard.

The Congress leader did not shy away from addressing the wealth disparity in the nation, pointing out that a mere 22 individuals hold more wealth than 70 crore of the country’s populace. He criticized the direct rejection of MSP demands by farmers and underscored the unprecedented situation where farmers are taxed for the first time.

Gandhi also aimed at the current administration, accusing the BJP-led government of favoring the wealthy. He claimed that the BJP has been funding its operations through electoral bonds, and contributions from a handful of industrialists, which he argued, undermines the democratic process. The upcoming elections, according to Gandhi, represent a pivotal battle between the interests of the impoverished majority and a small group of billionaires.

Rahul Gandhi-bikaner

In a striking revelation, Gandhi disclosed that the Congress party’s bank accounts had been frozen, a move he attributed to the ruling party’s attempt to stifle the opposition. He drew a stark comparison between the waived loans of 15-20 industrialists by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the potential use of those funds to pay MNREGA wages for 24 years.

As the rally reached its crescendo, Gandhi reiterated his commitment to fulfilling the promises laid out in the Congress’s manifesto once in power. The pledge to revitalize the economy and address the pressing issues of unemployment and inflation stood as the cornerstone of his address, setting the stage for what promises to be a fiercely contested election.