Pushya Nakshatra will be for two days, great moment of shopping on Saturday and Sunday

pushya nakshatra

Indore: 7 days before Diwali is becoming a grand coincidence for shopping. Pushya Nakshatra on 7th November will start in the wonderful Lakshmi Narayan Yoga after 59 years. Which is considered to be the great moment of shopping. This year, the constellation Pushya will last for 24 hours and 42 minutes, which will be a special moment of 2 days of shopping in the markets.
Traders who have suffered a lot due to Corona are very excited about Pushya Nakshatra and Diwali. In such a situation, preparations have started to welcome customers in the markets. Special decorations are being made in the markets, as well as giving attractive offers on shopping.

Gold ornaments

According to astrologer Pt. Vijay Rawal, Pushya Nakshatra will start from 8:05 am on Saturday, which will last till 8:05 am on Sunday. The total duration of the constellation will be 24 hours 42 minutes, but the presence of the constellation for about 2 hours after sunrise on Sunday will give auspicious fruit for the whole day. Therefore, from 8:05 am on Saturday to 9:00 pm on Sunday, all kinds of items can be purchased. At this moment, the purchase of all types of movable and immovable property is aspisius.

The lords of the constellations will remain in their respective zodiac signs
The astrologer pt. Vijay Rawal said that out of 27 constellations, the male constellation is the eighth constellation. As Saturn is the representative of this constellation, the work done in this constellation is auspicious. The lord of the constellation Pushya is Saturn and the sub lord is Jupiter. This time the lords of the constellations will be enthroned in their respective zodiac signs. Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in Sagittarius is making rare coincidences on this day.