PM Modi’s call to come forward, help each other in fight with Corona

narendra Modi

New Delhi: The PM said that “I call upon the countrymen to come forward and help each other. I request my young comrades to help them follow the Covid discipline by making small committees in their society. This does not require lockdown.” My child friends had helped a lot during the cleanliness program. Today, I want to tell my child friends once again, to create such an atmosphere in the house that no one gets out of the house without reason. My prayers are also through the media. To make more efforts to make people aware and try to reduce the atmosphere of fear. “

Earlier, the Prime Minister said that “Due to increasing infection, the demand for oxygen in hospitals has increased. The government is working on this issue. The state government, the private sector are all engaged with the government. Oxygen for the industry is converted into medical oxygen.” It is being transformed. The pharma sector has increased the production of medicines and it is being speeded up. I have talked to the big people of the pharma industry of the country. The help of pharmaceutical companies is being taken to increase production. Luckily, our country has such a large and strong forma sector, which manufactures medicines rapidly. The work is on increasing the number of beds in hospitals. Covid hospitals are being built in some cities in view of demand. “

Largest Comment Campaign
He said that “Last year, only a few patients of Corona had appeared in the country, India started the efforts for the vaccine. Today we have the cheapest vaccine in the world. In this effort, our private sector has innovated and the spirit of enterprise The best vaccination campaign in the world is being carried out with two vaccines showing team effort on clearance and regulation. Our emphasis is that more and more people reach the vaccine. India is growing faster than the world. Vaccination is going on simultaneously. Our health workers, frontline employees, and senior citizens have got the benefit of the vaccine. “
Vaccination to people above 18 years of age from 1 May

The Prime Minister said, “On Monday itself, we have taken an important decision regarding the vaccine. From May 1, anyone above the age of 18 will be vaccinated. Half of the vaccines produced in the country will be given to the states and hospitals. The ongoing campaign will continue. As before, free vaccines will be available in government hospitals. All of us are trying to save lives. Efforts are also to minimize economic activity and livelihood. Vaccination should be from 18 years Opening up to the above people, the workers in the cities will get vaccinated fast. My request to the state administration is to keep the confidence of the workers. They should insist that they stay where they are. It will help a lot. In the next few days, the vaccine Will also work and will get work too. “

The PM said that “The circumstances of last year were different than this year. Remember that there is no lab for corona test, no production of PPE kit, no information about the disease, but we have improved rapidly. Today our doctors It has made the treatment of corona possible. We are more prepared with the facility of PPE kits, labs, testing. The country has fought very strongly and patiently. The credit goes to all of you. “

‘Protecting the country from lockdown’
He said, “In today’s situation we have to save the country from lockdown, I will ask the states to avoid lockdown and focus on micro containment zone. Along with improving the health of the economy, also take care of people’s health. Tomorrow Ramnavami is and Maryada Purushottam’s message is that we follow the dignities. Follow the measures to avoid corona 100%. This month is Ramadan, Ramadan teaches us discipline. Get out only when necessary. Completely follow. I assure you that by combining your courage, patience, and discipline, you will leave no stone unturned to change them. “