PM Modi’s announcement on the occasion of Gurpurab – Government will withdraw all three agricultural laws


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the countrymen, made a big announcement on Friday and said that his government will withdraw all three agricultural laws and the necessary process will be completed in the upcoming Parliament session. Will. The central government will constitute a committee for this. He said that despite our efforts, our government could not understand the farmers’ protest and I apologize to the countrymen that there must have been some lack in our own efforts. The PM told the protesting farmers that on the occasion of Gurpurab, you return to your home and farm.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that ‘three agricultural laws were brought in the great campaign to improve the condition of the farmers. The motive was that small farmers should get more power and they should get the right price for their produce. For years, agricultural experts, organizations, and scientists of the country were making this demand. Many governments had churned in the past as well. This time too there was a discussion in the Parliament and we will bring a law. In every nook and corner of the country, various farmer organizations welcomed and supported. I thank all of them so much for their support today.

The PM said that ‘our government has brought this law with full sincerity for the bright future of the poor, especially for the welfare of small farmers. Despite our efforts, we could not convince some farmers even though only a section of farmers was opposing. Scientists, agricultural law experts tried to convince them. We left no stone unturned to understand the farmers’ point of view and their arguments. He also talked about the provisions of the law on which he had objections. Today, while apologizing to the countrymen, I want to say that we could not convince some farmers.

Read main points about PM Modi’s address

  • Addressing the countrymen, the Prime Minister said, ‘Whatever I have done, I have done everything for the farmers. Whatever I am doing, I am doing it for the country. With the blessings of the countrymen, I have left no stone unturned in my hard work. Today I assure you that I will work harder. So that your dreams and dreams of the nation can be fulfilled.
  • PM Modi said that we have decided to withdraw all three agriculture laws. Its process will start this month from the upcoming Parliament session. I appeal to the farmers to return to their homes and start afresh.
  • The PM said that we worked to provide seeds to the farmers at cheap prices. Started irrigation schemes with micro-irrigation. 22 crore soil health cards were made… all this was done to increase agricultural production. At the same time, we started the crop insurance scheme and under it the farmers were also connected.
  • The Prime Minister said that we have taken many steps to ensure that farmers get full and right price for their produce. We strengthened rural infrastructure. We not only increased the MSP but also took government procurement to a record high. The procurement of crops by our government has broken all the records of the last decades.
  • PM Modi said that when I became the Prime Minister in 2014, the priority of our government was the welfare and development of farmers. Many people are unaware that 80 out of 100 farmers in the country are of small scale and they have less than 2 hectares of land. The population of these farmers is more than 10 crores and their livelihood is also this land. The Prime Minister then concluded his speech with Deh Siwa Baru Mohi Ihai Subh Karman Te Kahoon Na Toron, which is a sabad of the Chandi Charitar of Gurugobind Singh’s composition Dasam Granth.