PIL in Delhi HC against film ‘Adipurush’, also Demand raised to boycott ‘Adipurush’on social media


New Delhi: Adipurush film has been released across the country today. With the release of the film, its protest has also started. This film is being opposed by the Hindu army. He says that Lord Shriram has been made fun of in the film. Therefore, a demand has been made to ban the film by filing a public interest litigation in the Delhi High Court. National President of Hindu Sena Vishnu Gupta wants the High Court to order the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) not to give a certificate to this film.

It was said in the PIL that the film does not match the way Lord Shriram is shown in the Ramayana written by Maharishi Valmiki and Saint Tulsidas. Therefore, religious sentiments have been hurt by this film. It was said in the petition that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting was also contacted in the present matter, but they did not show interest in it. After which he had no other option but to file a PIL in the court.

It was said in the petition that the character of Saif Ali Khan and Hanuman playing the role of Ravana in the film also does not seem to match with Indian civilization. Ravana was a Brahmin. The way the bearded fierce look has been given to Ravana is going to hurt the sentiments. This does not match at all with the real story of Ramayana.

Controversy over the dialogue of the film too!
In the reviews that have surfaced so far about Adipurush, people say that such language has been used at many places in the film, which really does not match with the language used in Treta Yug at the time of Lord Shriram and Ramayana. One place the dialogue has been used in the film, ‘Teri jali na?’ Similarly, at another place, the line ‘Tel tere baap ka aag tere baap ki…’ has been used. This is the reason why the initial reviews of this film, made on a budget of around 500 crores, have not been good.

People got angry at the look of Ram-Ravana-Hanuman
Some people have opened a front against the film and makers on social media. Seeing the look of Lord Ram, Ravana, and Hanuman ji in this movie, people are very upset. Users have shared so many posts criticizing the film that ‘Boycott Adipurush’ has started trending on Twitter.

Demand raised to boycott ‘Adipurush’
Many people have tweeted that Prabhas and Kriti Sanon’s ‘Adipurush’ is an insult to Ramayana and Indian culture. Not only this, many users have demanded to ban ‘Adipurush’ on social media. Many people have also expressed their objection to the look of the lead characters of this film.

Rawana in adipurush

People objected to the look of the characters
There has been a flood of tweets against the film Adipurush on Twitter. One user tweeted, ‘I will watch Ramayana a thousand times, but will boycott Adipurush’. Another user tweeted, ‘Meghnath with a tattoo. Ravana playing with snakes. Even though there is laughter today, remember, this film will be documented for years on OTT and future generations will make fun of their own history after watching it. At the same time, the third user wrote, ‘The film industry is making fun of our culture and our Sanatan Dharma. At the same time, another user said, ‘Ramayana has been wrongly presented in this film. Everyone should boycott this film together.