Parliament suspends 127 MPs in two days over security breach protest

Parliament suspends 127 MPs

New Delhi: The Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Indian Parliament, suspended 49 more MPs from the opposition INDIA bloc on Tuesday, bringing the total number of suspensions in both houses to 127 in two days. The unprecedented action was taken against the MPs for protesting and demanding a statement from Home Minister Amit Shah on the security breach incident that occurred in the Parliament on December 13.

The security breach incident involved six intruders who entered the Parliament premises using passes issued by a BJP MP and released colored smoke and shouted slogans in the Lok Sabha chamber and outside the building. The incident raised serious questions about the security arrangements in the Parliament, especially on the 22nd anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attack that killed nine people.

The opposition MPs have been accusing the government of trying to cover up the security lapse and demanded a thorough investigation and accountability from the Home Minister. They also alleged that the government was using the suspension of MPs as a tactic to avoid discussion on other important issues such as the farmers’ agitation, unemployment, inflation, and the Covid-19 situation.

The INDIA bloc, which comprises 16 opposition parties, had earlier decided not to boycott the remaining part of the winter session of the Parliament, which ends on December 23. However, they said they would continue to raise the security breach issue and other matters of public interest in both houses.

Parliament suspends 127 MPs

The government, on the other hand, defended the suspension of the MPs and said they were disrupting the proceedings of the Parliament and violating the rules and dignity of the house. The government also said that the security breach incident was being investigated by the Delhi Police and the Home Ministry and there was no need for a statement from the Home Minister. The government also accused the opposition of creating a ruckus and wasting the precious time of the Parliament.