Paraglider falls to ground in Hanuwantia water festival, two killed


Khandwa: Wednesday proved to be Black Day at the Hanuwantia Water Festival. Two youths died in a tragic accident while paragliding. Suddenly the young man fell down from a height of 150 feet. Among the dead is an employee of a company, while the second is the brother of the contractor of the paragliding company. It is said that this accident occurred due to the sudden breakdown of the machine. The Collector ordered a magisterial inquiry in connection with the accident.

Balanchad son Rampratap Dangi (32) resident of Bhagaura district Rajgarh and Gajpal Singh son Surendra Singh (28) resident of Budha Manglian district Pali, Rajasthan were paragliding at around 5:30 pm on Wednesday. They were both over 100 feet in height. Meanwhile, suddenly he came down with a para glide machine like an injured bird.


They were both calling for help while screaming. The tourists and company employees present on both Hanuwantiya heard the voice of both but by the time they could reach them they fell into a field with a machine. This sudden incident caused a stampede in Hanuwantia.

Everyone who saw this scene shook his spirit. With the help of people, both were rushed to Mundi Hospital in an injured condition. Both died shortly after being brought here. SI Bhim Singh Mandloi informed that Sun Dredgers Company has taken up the contract for para gliding. Its contractor is Shravan Solanki. Balchand and Gajpal Singh died in the accident. Balchand is an employee of Sun Dredgers Company. The deceased is the son of aunt of Gajpal Singh Company contractor Shravan Singh.

Order for magisterial inquiry in relation to the accident
Collector Anay Dwivedi has ordered a magisterial inquiry in connection with an accident during paragliding at Hanuwantia Jal Mahotsav. Additional Collector Nanda Bhalave Kushre said that SDM Punasa will conduct a detailed investigation into the matter under which circumstances this incident occurred. If any facts, evidence, information, photos, or videos related to this incident are available with any person, then they can make it available immediately to SDM Punasa to help in investigating the incident. Factual information regarding the incident can be given to SDM Punasa even if present in person.