Opposition alliance snubs 14 TV anchors, BJP compared it to Emergency

Opposition alliance snubs 14 TV anchors

New Delhi: The opposition alliance Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (India) has announced a boycott of 14 television anchors, accusing them of spreading hatred and fake news. The alliance, which comprises several parties including Congress, said that it will not send its representatives to the shows and programs of these anchors, who are associated with various media channels.

The decision was taken by the ‘India Coordination Committee’ in its meeting on September 13, 2023, according to a statement issued by the media committee of the opposition alliance. The statement also released a list of the 14 anchors who have been boycotted by the alliance.

Pawan Kheda, head of the media department of the Congress and a member of the media committee of the opposition alliance, said that the alliance will not become customers of the market of hate. He said that some channels run shops of hatred every day from 5 p.m. and that the alliance aims for a hate-free India.

He also said that the decision to boycott some anchors was taken with a heavy heart. He said that the alliance has been fighting against unrestrained comments, fake news, etc. against its leaders and will continue to do so, but will not allow hatred to spread in the society. He said that the alliance wants love to prevail over hate.

Opposition alliance snubs 14 TV anchors

However, BJP leader and Union Minister Hardeep Puri slammed the move of the opposition alliance and compared it to an Emergency. He tweeted that the only example of curtailment of civil liberties in India was seen during the Emergency in 1975. He said that the open call to abolish Sanatan Dharma, FIR against journalists and boycott of media reflects the politics of those dark days of Emergency.