On Karan Johar’s birthday know why he vows to remain a bachelor for life

Karan Johar-twinkle Khanna

Mumbai: Karan Johar, who introduced the NRI cocktail of Indian culture in Bollywood, is always the target of critics. The romance in his films has always been of hi-fi quality, mainly aimed at the urban class. In this romance, the body is fully present, but its soul remains missing. But Karan Johar himself is completely different from the mood of his films in private.

Karan Johar, who has stepped on the 51st threshold of age, is still a bachelor. Because their failed love story has a big hand behind it. Karan Johar himself has expressed his first love for Twinkle Khanna many times. Of course, he does not tell Twinkle the reason for his bachelorhood, but it has affected his whole life, it cannot be denied. Today i.e. on May 25, Karan Johar is celebrating his birthday. On this occasion, let us know about the love story of Karan and Twinkle.

Twinkle was Karan’s childhood love
Karan Johar had fallen in love with a girl in his childhood. That girl was none other than his best friend Twinkle Khanna. Karan was madly in love with Twinkle since childhood. He also wanted to marry her, but could never tell his heart. Please tell me that Karan and Twinkle used to study in boarding school together in childhood. This was revealed by Karan at the launch of Twinkle Khanna’s book Mrs. Funnybones. The actress also told that she was aware of this. He had said that Karan loved me, but then I had a small mustache, and whenever Karan saw me, he would say – I like your mustache.

karan johar

Twinkle’s refusal broke my heart
It is said that when Karan planned to make Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, he based the story of the film on Twinkle and his love story. When he went to sign Twinkle after writing the story, Twinkle refused to act in his film. This refusal of Twinkle had a deep impact on Karan’s life. He again reshuffled the script of this film and poured the pain received from Twinkle into the film. The film was successful, but Karan Johar failed in love matters. They keep on doing wrong by making movies in bulk for the sorrow of their own failure.