Number of patients admitted in the third wave may be double than before


Amidst the warnings coming from all over the world regarding the Omicron variant of Corona, now a similar warning has come from the country as well. This warning has been given by the central government. It says that even though only 5-10% of patients infected with Omicron need to be hospitalized at present, the problem may increase further. The number of hospitalized patients can be up to double by the time the third wave of Covid-19 peaks in comparison to the second wave caused by the delta variant.

It was told by the Union Health Ministry on Wednesday, ‘Corona infection cases are increasing continuously. The Omicron variant is the main reason behind these. Things are dynamic. That is, the cases of infection are likely to increase further. In the coming times, the situation may be that during the period in which 100 cases of Delta infection were being reported, 400-500 cases of Omicron would start coming in at the same time. Similarly, compared to 100 cases of Delta, 125 to 250 patients of Omicron had to be hospitalized. Therefore, hospitals should strengthen their arrangements rapidly.

NDTV quoted government data as saying that 20-23% of the infected were in need of hospitalization during the second wave of Covid-19 in the country due to Delta. Whereas at present, 5-10% of the infected have to be hospitalized during the Omicron infection.


However, there is also another aspect that cases of Omicron infection are increasing day by day at a quadruple speed. Till 10 days ago, an average of 10-15, 000 cases of corona infection were being reported in the country every day. But after increasing the effect of Omicron, 1.79 lakh cases have been registered in the last 24 hours on Wednesday itself. Of these, 4,000 cases are from Omicron. At present, the positivity rate in the country has also reached 13.29%.