Now this Bollywood artist will take fees in cryptocurrency, know the reason

rapper Raftaar

New Delhi: There is a lot of enthusiasm about Cryptocurrency around the world including India. Crypto investors are increasing in India. Meanwhile, rapper Raftaar has become the first Indian artist to accept cryptocurrency instead of real currency for show fees. Raftaar said, “I have always been a fan of Blockchain technology. I have always wondered why artists and managers alike have not explored the potential of this disruptive medium. All in all for I to make this dream a reality. Credit goes to my manager Ankit Khanna.”

Fees will be charged in virtual currency from July
Raftaar has taken crypto for the virtual show, which is scheduled for the second week of July. This boutique 60-minute event will be held for a private gathering of 100 people in Ottawa, Canada. The rapper’s longtime business partner and manager Ankit Khanna has been instrumental in cryptocurrency transactions.

rapper Raftaar

Know what Ankit says?
Ankit explained that “Music in my opinion will be one of the first industries to be completely disrupted through blockchain. Artists can now go directly to the public in every way without the need for middlemen. Blockchain has the potential for music. It is meant to accelerate a seamless experience for anyone who builds or interacts with it. I am delighted to welcome this new transaction paradigm along with my longtime business associate Raftaar who will truly be a part of this new generation leading voice.”