Nokia to Launch 4G Internet On Moon, will use SpaceX rockets for network equipment

Nokia to Launch 4G Internet On Moon

New Delhi: Nokia wants to take 4G internet to the Moon later this year, and the company has already laid down the groundwork for this to become a reality. Nokia is reportedly going to use SpaceX rockets as the launch vehicle for the network equipment over the next few months, Luis Maestro Ruiz De Temino was quoted saying in a report by CNBC.

Temino shared the details about the launch project with the media at the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona earlier this month.

He claims the network will be working with the help of a base station that has an antenna and is stored in a Nova-C lander that has been designed by Intuitive Machines, which is a US-based space firm. The report mentions that the 4G LTE connectivity will be provided between a lander and the rover of the launch vehicle. Nokia assures that the technology is capable of handling extreme conditions in space.

Nokia to Launch 4G Internet On Moon

The company is looking to show that network connectivity is viable for space missions in the future. It believes that with the help of the 4G network, the astronauts can talk with each other, and even control the rover remotely if needed. They can also share real-time video footage and other data back to the control center.

Temino also explains that the SpaceX rocket will not be responsible for taking the lander to the moon’s surface, and the company will put a propulsion system to make the final landing happen. Space communications have become an active subject for the industry, but having LTE networks on the moon will be another milestone for the space fraternity in tandem with the tech circuit, whenever that happens.