No more land left in Delhi’s largest cemetery


New Delhi: There is no more land left in Delhi’s largest cemetery. It sounds a bit strange to hear that, but it is a reality in Coronavirus. After continuous deaths from Corona in the capital Delhi, there is less space in the cemeteries. The same condition as the largest cemetery in Delhi at ITO. At the beginning of Covid-19, 5 bigha land of this cemetery was reserved for the people who died of the corona epidemic, but there have been so many people buried in the last one or two months that the 5 bigha land has also been reduced. The cemetery management later expanded it to 9 bighas. Now the cemetery management says that 9 bighas of land are also going to be filled. According to the management, one part of the cemetery is completely filled, while one part is not yet filled. If the condition remains the same, soon the entire part will be filled. The cemetery management has also written a letter to the Delhi government about this.

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No burial place in Delhi’s largest cemetery
The largest cemetery of Delhi is in ITO. According to an estimate, this cemetery is spread over more than 20 acres. Till now thousands of deaths have been handed over to the Corona era. After the Corona epidemic started, the management had reserved 5 bighas of land here only for the corona infected. Later it was increased to 9 bighas. Now more than 85 percent of the cemetery is filled. The cemetery management is now worried about this.

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Recently, the management had told the Delhi government that no more dead bodies should be sent to them. People from all over Delhi usually visit this cemetery. Central Delhi, South Delhi, East Delhi as well as large hospitals in Delhi are brought for delivery-a-Khak.

Cemetery management says
Mohammad Shamim, the Supervisor of the cemetery, says, “Earlier, 4 to 5 bodies used to come in a day, but now there is no count of dead bodies. More than 15 dead bodies are coming every day. Most of the bodies here come from big hospitals of Delhi, LNJP, Ram Manohar Lohia, Safdarjung and AIIMS. I have now urged these hospitals not to bring more dead bodies here. One is the heat is very high, so we are having problems in burying more than 15 dead bodies. Along with this, we have also told the Delhi government through a letter that we should be provided additional land.
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Shamim says, “If the Delhi government does not pay attention to it soon, then we will have to stop the burial process for a few days. Earlier, 5 bighas of land were fixed for those who died from Corona, but after the burial of about 900 dead bodies, now the area of ​​9 bighas has also been filled. The 4-acre land next to the cemetery belongs to the cemetery at Millennium Park, but the Delhi Police is not allowing burial there. If Delhi government does not do anything soon then it will be difficult to bury here.