NIA exposes D Company’s role with ISI in Khalistan network, reveals similarities with Mumbai blasts case

khalistan-d company

New Delhi: The National Investigation Agency (NIA), which is probing the nexus between Khalistan terrorists and criminals, has uncovered the involvement of D Company, the notorious underworld syndicate led by Dawood Ibrahim, in the Khalistan network. The NIA has found that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has used the criminal network of D Company to support and fund the Khalistan movement, which aims to create a separate Sikh state in India.

The NIA has stated that the Khalistan terrorist-criminal nexus, which operates across the world, has been modeled on the basis of D Company, which had established links with local criminals, film actors, musicians, and politicians in India and abroad. D Company had grown so powerful that it was involved in various illegal activities such as contract killing, land grabbing, arms smuggling and extortion.

The NIA has also drawn parallels between the Khalistan network and the Mumbai underworld network, which was responsible for the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts and the subsequent communal violence in Surat and Ahmedabad. The NIA has cited the report of the Vohra Committee, which was constituted to investigate the Mumbai blasts case, and which had revealed that ISI had exploited the Indian gangster network to spread communal tension in India. The report had also exposed the extensive underworld connections in various business sectors and the film industry.

According to the NIA, the Khalistan network has also infiltrated the music industry of Punjab, political officials, Kabaddi players and lawyers etc., who have been found involved in the terrorist-criminal nexus. The NIA has also found direct links between the Khalistan network and ISI, as was the case with D Company. The NIA has stated that the Khalistan network has adopted similar methods of income generation as D Company, such as real estate and extortion through threats, killing people with betel nuts, forcibly occupying land and buildings and buying disputed properties at cheap rates etc.

The NIA has also revealed that some of the gangsters who formed their gang in Gurgaon in the initial phase, such as Tillu Tajpuria, Naveen Wali, Neeraj Bawana, Kaushal Chaudhary etc., later transformed themselves into terrorist-criminals. The NIA has found that these gangsters were in contact with ISI across the border and were carrying out terrorist activities at their behest.

khalistan-d company

The NIA has also stated that the Khalistan network has been importing weapons and drugs through Punjab and surrounding areas with the help of ISI and distributing them throughout India. The NIA has said that these weapons and drugs are being used for everything from terrorist activities to communal riots.