Nearly 3 lakh positive cases of corona found in the country, 2023 patients died for the first time


New Delhi: Corona virus in India is causing a ruckus between beds, medicine and lack of oxygen. In the second wave of Corona virus, nearly 3 lakh cases have been reported in the country for the first time. On Tuesday, 2 lakh 95 thousand 041 new Corona positive in the country. In the last 24 hours, 2023 patients also died. During this time 1 lakh 67 thousand 457 people have also defeated the infection of this virus. So far, 1 crore 56 lakh 16 thousand 130 people have been infected with Corona. So far, 1 crore 32 lakh 76 thousand 039 people have been cured of infection with this virus. The death toll has gone up to 1 lakh 82 thousand 553. The total number of patients currently being treated is 21 lakh 57 thousand 538. So far 13 crore 1 lakh 19 thousand 310 people have been vaccinated.

India has once again reached the top in terms of deaths happening every day. Brazil is on second and America on third. About 1,500 people are dying every day in Brazil, while in the US the figure is staying between 400-600. In India, 2020 patients died on Tuesday.

State of major states:

Maharashtra: 62,097 new patients were found here on Tuesday. 54,224 patients recovered and 519 died. So far, 39.60 lakh people have been affected by this epidemic in the state. Of these, 32.13 lakh people have recovered, while 61,343 have died. Currently, about 6.83 lakh people are being treated here.

Uttar Pradesh: Corona report of 29,574 people came positive on Tuesday. 14,391 people recovered and 162 died. So far, 9.09 lakh people have been found infected here. Of these, 6.75 lakh have been cured, while 10,159 patients died. 2.23 lakh patients are undergoing treatment.

Delhi: On Tuesday, 28,395 people were found corona infected in the state. 19,430 people recovered and 277 died. So far, 9.05 lakh people have been infected here. Of these, 8.07 lakh have been cured, while 12,638 patients lost their lives. There are 85,575 patients who are undergoing treatment.


Gujarat: On Tuesday, 12,206 people were found corona infected in the state. 4,339 people were recovered and 121 died. So far, 4.28 lakh people have been affected by the infection here. Of these, 3.46 lakh have been cured, while 5,615 patients died. There are 76,500 patients who are undergoing treatment.

Kerala: The country’s coastal state Kerala is also reeling from the second wave of Corona. However, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is claiming to be fully prepared to deal with it. On Tuesday, 19,577 cases were found in the state. This is the largest figure of a day. In view of this, night curfew has been imposed in the state.

How many cases of corona in the world?
So far more than 14 crores 26 lakh people in the world have fallen prey to Corona. Among them, 30 lakh 43 thousand patients have died. 12.11 crore people have been cured. At present, 1.84 crore people are undergoing treatment. Among them, the condition of one lakh 8 thousand 184 patients is critical and 1.83 crore people have mild symptoms of the corona.

In the last 24 hours, 6.57 lakh corona infections have been identified in the world. During this period, 9,813 people also died. In the last few days, the highest number of cases are coming to India. More than 2.54 lakh cases were reported here on Monday. This was followed by Turkey (55,149), USA (51,650) and Brazil (34,642). In this way, India received 5 times more cases from Turkey and America and 7 times from Brazil.