Nature of coronavirus will change now and again, peak in-country will come at different times: AIIMS Director


New Delhi: The peak of Coronavirus Second Wave will come at different times in different parts of the country. AIIMS director Randeep Guleria gave this information on Thursday. Guleria said that Virus Mutation will develop, it is part of the development of the coronavirus. Guleria said that in Western India, such as Maharashtra, there has been a decrease in corona cases.

AIIMS director said that as far as north and central India is concerned, here too, a decrease in new cases can be seen in the next few weeks. But when there will be a decrease in new cases in the northeast and Bengal of the country, only then we will be able to say that cases are decreasing in India. This can happen at the end of this month or at the beginning of the next month.

Double mutant patients in three states in the country
Explain that most people are currently infected with the British version of the virus in North India, while the ‘double mutant’ type of virus (a double change in the genetics of the virus) is wreaking havoc in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka. This information was given by Sujit Singh, director of the National Center for Disease Control (ACDC). Sujit Singh, however, also said that the proportion of people infected in the country with B1.1.7 type (British type) of SARS Cove-2 virus has decreased by 50 percent in the last month.

AIIMS director Dr. Guleria

Sujit Singh, while addressing a press conference on Wednesday, said that the British version of the virus is infecting people prominently in North India including Punjab (482 samples), Delhi (516 samples) followed by its impact in Telangana (192 samples), Seen in Maharashtra (83) and Karnataka (82). He informed that 10 top government laboratories and institutes have been sequencing the genome of Corona virus since December last year.