Nashik Faces Dire Water Crisis Amidst Scorching Heat

Nashik Faces Dire Water Crisis

Nashik: In Nashik, Maharashtra, the water crisis has reached alarming levels, surpassing even the Delhi water crisis that’s currently making headlines nationwide. Disturbing images are emerging from various districts in Maharashtra, revealing the severity of the situation. Here are the key details:

  1. Villages Struggle for Drinking Water:
  • Nashik district’s villages are grappling with acute water scarcity. Residents must travel long distances to access drinking water due to dried-up wells.
  • The wells, once a lifeline for these communities, have now run dry, exacerbating their hardships.
  1. Cholmukh Village’s Desperate Scene:
  • In Cholmukh village, Nashik district, a poignant scene unfolded. A group of women gathered around a well that had completely dried up due to water shortage.
  • With only a small amount of water remaining at the well’s bottom, one brave woman descended into the well to retrieve it.
  1. Heduli Pada’s Struggle:
  • In Heduli Pada village, residents faced a grim reality. The well there had also dried up, leaving only murky water in small pits.
  • Despite the unclean conditions, people were forced to collect this water due to extreme heat and the scarcity of alternatives.
Nashik Faces Dire Water Crisis
  1. Statewide Water Reserves Plummet:
  • The Water Resources Department recently reported that major dams across Maharashtra hold a mere 24.03 percent of their capacity.
  • Some dams have dwindled to a critical 9.73 percent storage level.
  • Despite recurring water crises during scorching summers, the department’s attention remains insufficient.

The situation in Nashik demands urgent action to alleviate the suffering of its residents.