Nagpur Breaks Temperature Record: Sizzles at 56°C, Surpassing Delhi

Nagpur temprature

New Delhi: In a scorching turn of events, Nagpur has outdone even the capital city. On May 30, the mercury soared to a blistering 56 degrees Celsius in Nagpur, marking the highest temperature ever recorded in the country.

The city, once known for its oranges, is now synonymous with heat waves. It’s as if Nagpur has transformed into “Aagpur,” with fire raining down from the sky. Residents are drenched in sweat, struggling to comprehend the intensity of this heatwave. When the thermometer crossed the 50-degree mark, disbelief swept through the city. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has set up four Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) in Nagpur, and on Thursday, May 30, two of these stations reported temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius.

Temperature Extremes Across Nagpur

According to a report by The Times of India, the Nagpur Automatic Weather Station (AWS) recorded a scorching 56 degrees Celsius in the middle of a 24-hectare open agricultural field at PDKV in Ramdaspeth, off Ambazari Road in North Nagpur. Meanwhile, the Regional Meteorological Center (RMC) in Sonegaon registered a temperature of 54 degrees Celsius. The Central Institute of Cotton Research (CICR) in Khapri, off Wardha Road, saw an AWS reading of 44 degrees Celsius. Even Ramtek AWS reported a temperature of 44 degrees Celsius.

Nagpur temprature

Delhi’s Panic-Inducing Heat

Just a day before Nagpur’s record-breaking temperature, Delhi experienced its own heatwave crisis. On Wednesday, the mercury in the Mungeshpur area of the national capital soared to a staggering 52.9 degrees Celsius—the highest ever recorded. This extreme heat prompted panic and disbelief. According to the IMD, Delhi hadn’t witnessed such scorching conditions in 79 years. The situation was so unprecedented that the sensors and data from the station are now under investigation. Union Minister Kiren Rijiju himself expressed surprise at the alarming data.