MP is amazing, electricity bill of 80 trillion reached at retired teacher’s house in Singrauli

electricity bill

Singrauli. MP is amazing. Now the electricity department has done a strange job, he sent a bill of electricity of 80 trillion rupees to a teacher in Singrauli district, after which there has been a stir.

In Madhya Pradesh, complaints of increasing electricity bills are constantly coming out during the lockdown, but the power company has done a great job in Singrauli. Here the electricity company sent a bill of 80 trillion rupees to the house of a retired teacher Ram Tiwari. When the retired teacher first saw the bill, he went to the square, because no one could repay it. He immediately complained to the officials of the power company. After getting so much bill, they are upset and are constantly demanding to reduce it and give the right bill.

Bill reform application given

Consumers are upset after receiving the bill and have requested the power department officials to rectify the bill. On the other hand after the matter came to light, people have said that this bill does not belong to the entire Jabalpur region.

Electricity bill going viral on social media

The electricity bill of 80 trillion rupees has started going viral on social media. People are reading how many are engaged in it. No one has seen such electricity bill before.

They say …

Seeing the bill or not believe one can use so much electricity. A technical error or printing error may have resulted in a mistake. In this regard, I will talk to Chief Engineer Rewa.

  • Reeti Pathak, MP Sidhi
    Now we have come to the notice of my case, I see that there is less scope for such mistakes, but where it has started, it will be investigated.

GP Singh, Chief Engineer MPEB Rewa Division