More than 7 thousand cases of Black fungus in India

This disease is frightening with corona


New Delhi: The second wave of Coronavirus is spreading with debilitating Covid patients, another deadly disease. So far, more than 7 thousand cases of Black Fungus have been reported in the country. So far, more than 200 people have lost their lives due to this disease. On Thursday, the central government has asked the states and union territories to notify the Black Fungs under the Epidemic Diseases Act.

Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Assam, Punjab have notified Mucaramicosis i.e. Black Fungus under the Epidemic Diseases Act 1897. Rajasthan has already notified Black Fungus under epidemic.

Maharashtra has the highest number of cases and deaths, then Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh

So far, a total of 7250 cases of this disease have been reported. The highest number of cases and deaths of this disease have occurred in Maharashtra. It is followed by Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. There have been 1163 cases and 63 deaths in Gujarat. There have been 575 cases in Madhya Pradesh. There have been 31 deaths. Its cases are also coming in other states.
What happens is a black fungus and why more spread at this time


In relation to black fungus, AIIMS director Randeep Guleria says – Mucaramicosis bacteria are found in soil, air, and even food. But they are less effective and usually do not spread infection. Before the Corona epidemic, the incidence of this infection was very less. Now due to Corona, a large number of cases are coming to light.

Dr. Guleria had described the use of steroids inadvertently as the major reason behind this infection. At the same time, he urged the hospitals to adopt the protocol of measures to control the infection. Because in Corona patients, this infection is seen to increase and death can also be higher.

He had said, ‘The wrong use of steroid is the major reason behind this infection. Black fungus infections are more likely to occur in people who are suffering from diabetes, are corona positive, and are taking steroids. To prevent this, we should stop the misuse of steroids. ‘