Month of May was worst in Covid-19 epidemic, 31.67% cases, 35.63% deaths in the same month

may month for corona

New Delhi: In India alone, during the second wave of Covid-19 in May alone, more than 88.82 cases of coronavirus were reported, which is 31.67 percent of more than 28 million people infected so far in the country. . Thus, it turned out to be the worst month during this pandemic. In May, 1,17,247 people also died due to this disease, which is 35.63 percent of the 3,29,100 deaths due to this infection so far.

So far, 4,14,188 cases of Covid-19 were reported in 24 hours on May 7 and on May 19, the maximum number of 4529 patients lost their lives. Daily new cases have been below three lakh since May 17 and less than two lakh cases are being reported daily for the last four days in the country. On May 10, the country had the highest number of 37,45,237 patients undergoing treatment.

may month for corona

According to the Health Ministry’s data at 9 o’clock this morning, today, India has the lowest number of 1,52,734 new cases reported in the last 50 days and the number of infected people has gone up to 2,80,47,534, while the number of untreated patients has come down to 20,26,092. Left. With the loss of 3128 patients on Monday, 3,29,100 people have lost their lives due to this epidemic.

By the way, the number of healthy people once again exceeded the new cases on the 18th consecutive day. In the last 24 hours, 2,38,022 patients have defeated the infection and so far 2,56,92,342 patients have become free from infection. The mortality rate is 1.17 percent. The patients treated are 7.22 percent of the total infected while the rate of recovery has been 91.60.