#Modi_rojgar_ do campaigns trending on Twitter, students are expressing their anger

modi rojgar do

New Delhi: Since Monday night, Twitter has been running many campaigns in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which is currently trending a lot. These include hashtags like #modi_rojgar_ do, #modi_girlfriend_do and #modi_boyfriend_do. Let us tell you that on February 25, the student #modi_rojgar_do #modi_rojgar_ was about to run two hashtags with some of his demands from Prime Minister Narendra Modi but it already went on Twitter and YouTube (Twitter and Youtube) and more than 2 million tweets in two days Have also happened.

Students start campaign
Earlier, students have run a campaign against the center on social media regarding competitive examinations. When the examinations were postponed at the time of the Corona epidemic, he started the campaign ‘I too am unemployed’ and now he is launching the ‘Modi Rojgar Do’ campaign.

modi rojgar do

Actually, this campaign is being carried out with the result of Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Tier-2 Exam which was released on 19 February and the students questioned the result process of the examination held on 15, 16 and 18 November.

According to reports, the protesting students allege that the exam held on November 18 was easy and the students scored 200 out of 200 marks but when the result was released, many students were not selected.

Students also say that 100 numbers have been cut in the examination on November 18, while on November 15 and 16, the number of those who were tested has been increased from 50 to 80. Students do not understand under which process this has been done and they are expressing their anger on social media about this.

What do students want

  • Have the exam on time
  • The result should be released soon
  • Join within a year
  • CGL 2019 Tier-2 exam again
  • The recruitment process should be improved