Meta earns Rs 5400 crore in 24 hours by selling blue ticks on Instagram and Facebook in India


New Delhi: Social media giant Meta, which runs Instagram and Facebook, has now launched its verification service in India. The company launched this paid service in February this year. The company told that Android users in India will have to pay Rs 699 per month for the verification badge ie Blue Tick. This facility of meta-verification is currently not available for businesses and people under 18 years of age. Meta made a huge profit of Rs 5400 within 24 hours.

Profit of the company of appearances
The culmination of appearances in India is that every social media user wants that his account should be of blue tick i.e. verified category. Meta’s Instagram and Facebook users consider their blue ticks as their respect. If any person has got a blue tick by paying 699 for a blue tick. Out of that, the government gets Rs 127 as GST. But even after paying this Rs 699, the user will be able to get the facility of Blue Tick for one month only. Because if those users don’t give 699 then that blue tick can be removed, and those people will give money back to save their image on their social media. Meta says that the blue tick only indicates that the user ID is original. This is his official ID. This means Instagram or Meta has more than 330 million users in India. The Meta Verified service is available for purchase on Instagram or Facebook in India, the company said. People can avail of this service on Android at the rate of Rs 699 per month.

Verified subscribers will also get other perks such as increased security checks and the ability to talk to a real person about account issues. These perks could be another reason that Instagram was able to sell 44 million verifications in one day as many users complain about Meta’s customer service when it comes to helping with account issues.

The verification service is available for users 18 years and above, and will not be available for businesses, the company said. Meta also announced that there will be no changes done to accounts that were already verified based on the previous requirements.

What is the method?
Facebook and Instagram accounts can be verified by giving a government ID card. Indian users will have to pay Rs 1,450 per month for both services. This price is for the mobile version. By giving this money, you can verify both your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Rs 1,099 will have to be spent on the website or web version. At the same time, the company also released the lowest-priced premium subscription plan for Rs 650. This plan is for web users. Apart from this, Meta has also informed in its statement that in the coming few months, it is planning to start verified service on the web at the rate of Rs 599 per month.