Megastar Rajinikanth’s movie ‘Jailer’ Trailer Released

jailer trailer

Mumbai: The magic of South’s megastar Rajinikanth is once again speaking on the heads of the fans. The trailer for the actor’s new film Jailor has been released. The actor is ready to get into the role of a policeman again. At the same time, the public is going crazy about his style. Rajinikanth is accompanied by Ramya Krishnan in the film, this pair is also getting a lot of love.

The magic of Thalaiva
Now in the film where Rajinikanth is there, the spotlight cannot fall on anyone other than him. Everyone is liking the trailer of Jailer full of explosive dialogues and smoky action. The story of Jailer revolves around Rajinikanth i.e. Muthuvel Pandian who became the jailer, from whose jail a dangerous gang is trying to free their leader. But Muthuvel is a tough cop, who is very honest in his work. At the same time, he is a calm person at his home. The wife has no idea about his other dangerous style. He is a soft-hearted father to his son. At the same time, Jackie Shroff is also strong as a villain. But he has full knowledge of Rajinikanth’s real form. Now how he takes advantage of this information and forces her and how Muthuvel i.e. Rajni makes him bite the dust, will be interesting to see.

In the trailer, Rajinikanth is seen giving his life in the role of a strict jailer. Fans are going crazy about his style. The jailer was earlier named Thalaivar 169, which was later changed by the makers. This decision was taken by the makers while giving tribute to Rajinikanth. Because this will be the 169th film of Rajinikanth’s career. However, why the change in this decision was made, it was not disclosed. Although there was a controversy over the name of the film Jailor. Malayalam film director Sakkir Madathil claimed that he had registered the title Jailor for his film with the Kerala Film Chamber of Commerce. But later this matter got shelved.