Longest day on 26 June 2023, day will be of 13 hours 44 min long, night will be longer from tomorrow

June solstice

New Delhi: June 26 means today is the biggest day of the year, where within 24 hours there will be only a day of 13 hours 44 minutes, while there will be a night of 10 hours 16 minutes. From June 27, there will be an increase in the night time and the day time will be getting shorter. This is an astronomical phenomenon.

From June 21 to June 26, we look at the biggest day. From June 27, day by minute will decrease and night will increase. Similarly, on 23rd September and 23rd March, there will be 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night, which means day and night will be equal. There will also be the biggest night on 24 December, whose duration will be 13 hours 44 minutes, whereas the day will be only 10 hours 16 minutes.

June solstice

The day increases from June 21
On June 21, the sun is at a very high altitude. From this day itself, the night starts getting longer. By September 21, day and night started becoming equal. On the other hand, from September 21, the process of getting longer nights starts increasing. This process takes place till 23 December.