London Zoo to exchange tigers with Maharashtra for genetic diversity

Gorewada-London Zoo

Nagpur: A plan is underway to send a male and a female tiger from Maharashtra to London Zoo, and to receive a male tiger from there in return. The aim is to enhance the genetic diversity of the captive tigers in both countries and to prevent inbreeding problems. A team from Gorewada Rescue Centre will visit London to study the climate and the zoo conditions before finalizing the deal.

According to sources, London Zoo has several tigers in its collection, but they have all been bred in captivity. This poses a risk of genetic defects and diseases in their offspring. To avoid this, the London Zoo authorities have requested tigers that have been raised in natural habitats. For this purpose, they have approached Maharashtra, which has a rich population of wild tigers.

Maharashtra has agreed to send two tigers, one male and one female, from either Gorewada Rescue Centre or other zoos in the state. In exchange, London Zoo will send a male tiger to Maharashtra. This will help increase the gene pool of the tigers in both places and ensure their healthy survival.

Gorewada-London Zoo

A team of experts from Gorewada Rescue Centre has been formed to conduct a feasibility study of the proposed exchange. The team will visit the London Zoo and assess the climate, enclosure, diet, veterinary care, and other aspects of the zoo management. Based on their report, a positive decision will be taken regarding the transfer of tigers.