Less than one lakh corona cases in the country after 63 days, death toll crosses 3.5 lakh

corona cases 8 june

New Delhi: The havoc of the second wave of Coronavirus cases in India has started decreasing. After 63 days, less than one lakh corona cases were registered in the country in 24 hours. On Tuesday, 86 thousand 498 people across the country became corona positive. Earlier on April 5, 96,563 people were found to be corona infected. On the previous day, 1 lakh 82 thousand 282 people recovered from corona, while 2123 infected people lost their lives.
According to the latest data of the Ministry of Health, so far 2 crores 89 lakh 96 thousand 473 people have been corona infected in the country. Out of these, 2 crores 73 lakh 41 thousand 462 people have been discharged. So far 3 lakh 51 thousand 309 people have lost their lives. At present, there are 13 lakh 3 thousand 702 active cases in the country. Now the daily positivity rate in the country has gone up to 6.34 percent.

More than 1 lakh people died in Maharashtra
In Maharashtra, 10,219 people were found infected on Monday. 21,081 people were cured and 340 people died. So far 58.42 lakh people have come under the grip of infection in the state. Of these, 55.64 lakh people have been cured, while more than 1 lakh people have died. Presently 1.74 lakh patients are being treated.

231 corona cases found in Delhi
On Monday, 231 people were found corona positive in Delhi. 876 people were cured and 36 died. So far 14.29 lakh people have come under the grip of infection. Of these, 13.99 lakh people have been cured, while 24,627 patients have died. Presently 5,208 patients are undergoing treatment.

corona cases 8 june

Corona’s speed decreased in Gujarat too
On Monday, 778 people were found corona positive in the state. 2,613 people were cured and 11 died. So far 8.17 lakh people have come under the grip of infection. Of these, 7.90 lakh people have been cured, while 9,944 patients have died. 16,162 people are being treated here.

15,681 active cases in Uttar Pradesh
On Monday, 694 people were found infected here. 2,860 people were cured and 81 people died. So far 16.99 lakh people have been infected in the state. Of these, 16.62 lakh have been cured, while 21,333 patients have died. 15,681 patients are being treated here.

629 people found corona infected yesterday in Rajasthan
On Monday, 629 people were found corona infected here. 3,429 people were cured and 31 died. So far 9.46 lakh people have been affected by the infection in the state. Of these, 9.22 lakh people have been cured, while 8,687 patients have died. Presently 15,744 patients are undergoing treatment.

How many vaccines have been administered in the country so far?
In the last 24 hours, 13 lakh 90 thousand 916 doses of corona virus vaccine have been applied in the country, after which the total vaccination figure has gone up to 23 crore 61 lakh 98 thousand 726. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has informed that so far 36 crore 82 lakh 07 thousand 596 sample tests of corona have been done in the country. On June 7, a total of 18 lakh 73 thousand 485 samples were tested.

How many cases of corona in the world?
So far more than 17.40 crore people in the world have been infected with the corona virus. Out of these, more than 37.43 lakh people have died, while 15.73 crore people have defeated Corona. At present 1.32 crore people are being treated. Corona report of 3 lakh 26 thousand 239 people came positive on Sunday worldwide. During this, 7,666 people have also died due to infection.