Leaving luxury vehicles, American diplomat reaches Embassy by driving auto: Watch Video

American diplomat reaches Embassy by driving auto

New Delhi: Well sometime you must have seen a diplomat getting down from an auto. But have you ever seen a diplomat going to the embassy by auto? In fact, four diplomatic women of the American Embassy located in Delhi leave their luxury vehicles and drive autos to reach the office. These four women named NL Mason, Ruth Holmberg, Sharin J Kitterman, and Jennifer Bywaters left the bulletproof vehicles given to them by the government and are driving autos to the office. These women say that driving an auto is not only fun but an example that American officers are also like ordinary people.

Driving an auto in India was a better experience: NL Mason
Speaking to the news agency ANI, diplomat NL Mason said, “I have never driven vehicles with clutch. I have always driven automatic cars, but coming here to India and driving an auto was a new and better experience. Apart from this, she said, ‘When I was in Pakistan, I used to travel in a very luxurious and bulletproof car and used to go to the office in the same. But when I used to see the auto outside, I used to feel from inside that I have to drive it once.

Auto bought as soon as he came to India – NL Mason
NL Mason said, ‘I bought an auto as soon as I came to India. Ruth, Sharin, and Jennifer also bought autos with me. Mason said, ‘I got inspiration from my mother. She was always doing something new. My daughter is also learning to drive an auto. Mason said that his auto is fitted with a Bluetooth device. It also has tiger print curtains.

American diplomat reaches Embassy by driving auto