Lata Mangeshkar did not listen her own songs, did not want to become a singer in the next birth

lata mangeshkar

Mumbai: Today is the first death anniversary of Bharat Ratna and Nightingale Lata Mangeshkar. It has been exactly 1 year since the death of Lata Mangeshkar. Lata Mangeshkar has fans all over the world including India. Big legends of music also used to salute Lata. The eyes of lakhs of people who were convinced of Lata Mangeshkar’s singing became moist on her death. Lata Mangeshkar’s real name was Hema. Lata Mangeshkar’s father was also a music teacher and used to teach music to people. From the age of about 5, Lata’s voice also started bursting. Since childhood, the name of Lata Mangeshkar, the queen of melodious voice and pure notes, was changed by her father. Lata Mangeshkar’s father Dinanath Abhishek also used to run a drama company.

Because of this, the name of Lata Mangeshkar was changed
Impressed by Latika, the lead character of one of his plays Bhav Bandhan, her father named her Lata. The story of Lata Mangeshkar’s surname is also very interesting. The name of the ancestral village of Lata’s father Dinanath was Mangeshi. It was from here that Dinanath named his melodious daughter as Lata Mangeshkar. Even though crores of people were crazy about Lata Mangeshkar’s singing and wanted to be like her. But Lata Mangeshkar never used to listen to her songs. Not only this, Lata Mangeshkar had even said in an interview that if she gets a chance, she would not want to be Lata Mangeshkar in her next life as well. Disclosing the reason behind this, Lata had told that everyone has seen my fame but only I know my pain.

Lata Mangeshkar had struggled hard since childhood
Lata Mangeshkar has struggled a lot since childhood. Lata’s father Dinanath had passed away at an early age. Being the eldest daughter in the house, the responsibilities of the family suddenly fell on Lata’s shoulders. Lata started taking music lessons at the age of 5 with her father but she did not sing songs in films. The reason behind this was his father’s choice. Actually, Lata Mangeshkar’s father did not want Lata to work in films. But after the death of her father, the gruesome responsibility of running the family came to the fore in front of Lata. From the age of just 13, Lata, who has become an expert in practicing music, accepted the songs of films. Just then Lata’s voice started echoing in films. Lata started her career in films not as a singer but as an actor. Lata acted in the film ‘Manglagaur’ in the year 1942.

Acted in the film for the first time
He also got Rs 300 for this film. In the same year Lata’s father passed away and the responsibility of the family fell on her shoulders. After this, Lata also got a chance to sing in this film and for the first time, Lata was paid Rs.25 for singing. After this, the magic of Lata’s voice itself kept sitting in the ears of the people and one after the other the songs became super hit. In the year 1948, Lata sang ‘Dil Mera Tod Mujhe Kahin Ka Na Chhoda’ in Master Haider Ali’s film Majboor. This song gave fame to Lata. Lata’s songs in the second film Madhubala, released in the year 1948, made her a star. After this Lata never looked back.

lata mangeshkar

Lata sang many evergreen songs
Lata Mangeshkar has sung many evergreen songs in her career. Out of which evergreen songs like Gata Rahe Mera Dil, Picture Mere Dil Mein, Aapki Nazaron Ne Samjha Pyar Ke Kaabil Mujhe, Hothon Pe Aise Baat, Tu Jahan Jahan Chalega are included. Lata had a long struggle before her success. After the demise of the father, the family started struggling with the financial crisis. To feed her family in Mufilisi, Lata Mangeshkar used to walk miles to go to the studio to record songs.

Here she used to work the whole day without eating or drinking anything. In the evening, she used to come back home after taking money and necessary things. However, after a few songs, Lata’s work started and she became a big singer of Bollywood. On hearing the news of Lata Mangeshkar’s demise last year, the eyes of the entire Bollywood became moist. Today, on the first death anniversary, veterans of the music world have paid tribute to Lata Mangeshkar.