Lashkar claimed terrorist attack in Kashmir, targeting innocent people through TRF


New Delhi: Terrorist organization ‘The Resistance Group’ (TRF) has come into the limelight for the continuous civilian killings in Jammu and Kashmir. The organization has claimed responsibility for the killing of Kashmiri businessman Makhan Lal Bindru and two other civilians.

68-year-old Bindru was shot dead by terrorists at 7 pm on Tuesday. Bindru was murdered in his pharmacy itself. He was rushed to the hospital but the doctors declared him brought dead. A few minutes before Bindru’s murder, Virendra Paswan, a migrant from Bihar, was also murdered. Belonging to a poor family, Virendra used to sell Golgappa and Bhelpuri. At the same time, Mohammad Safi Lone, the chairman of the local taxi stand, was also murdered. Lone was murdered in Bandipora district.

After this, on Thursday, terrorists killed two teachers. Both belonged to Sikh and Hindu communities. During the last week, 7 civilians have been killed in Kashmir. Of these, three were from the Hindu-Sikh community. So far this year, 25 civilians have been killed, including political activists.

Front of terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba
Terrorist organization TRF is considered to be the front of Pakistan’s terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba. According to sources, in the past, the overground workers of TRF have completely transformed into the main cadre and are targeting and killing people.


Changes in the pattern of incidents of violence
Sources say- ‘We can see a change in the pattern of incidents of violence. He wants to give a clear message that non-Muslim communities will not be tolerated. These terrorist organizations have a problem with the new Domicile Act and the new electoral process. They attack soft targets.