Kuno National Park: Four cubs given birth by female cheetah Jwala, one cub lost its life

Four cubs given birth by female cheetah Jwala

Sheopur: On Tuesday, May 23, information about the death of a cheetah cub has been received. After this one death, four cheetahs have lost their lives in the last two months. A female cheetah named Jwala gave birth to four cubs on March 27 in a group of cheetahs that came from Africa, out of which one cub died. Till the time of writing the news, the reason for his death has not been known yet. The four cubs were kept in the same large enclosure as the female cheetah Jwala.

A female cheetah cub found dead in jwala’s large enclosure
While giving information JS Chauhan, Head Forest Conservator of Kuno National Park, confirmed the death of the cub. The Forest Department team is present on the spot only after the incident is detected. The body has been sent for PM. Forest department officials have ruled out any disease in the cub. Tell that on March 27, the female cheetah Jwala had given birth to four cubs, after which the team was continuously monitoring their health since keeping them in her enclosure. But despite this, a cub was found dead on Tuesday morning. There has been a stir in the Kuno administration as soon as the cub’s death is known.

Four cubs given birth by female cheetah Jwala

Increased difficulties of Kuno Park administration
Be aware that 20 cheetahs were brought to India in two consignments from Africa under the Cheetah Reintroduce Program in Kuno. After which a cheetah named Sasa died in March, then a cheetah named Uday died in April. After this, due to the death of the female cheetah Daksha and now the death of the cub, question marks have been raised about the natural habitat of cheetahs living in Kuno, as well as there is a discussion going on to shift them to another place. Tell that after the arrival of 20 cheetahs, where their number was 24 due to the birth of 4 cubs, their number has come back to 20 due to the death of 4. The continuous deaths of cheetahs have increased the difficulties of the Kuno administration.