Karnataka fixes Rs 5,000 incentive for plasma donors

Medical Education Minister K.K. Sudhakar

Bengaluru: The Karnataka government said on Wednesday that those who have been relieved of Coronavirus infection and want to donate plasma for the treatment of Kovid-19 patients will be given an incentive of Rs 5,000. Medical Education Minister K.K. Sudhakar said that so far 17,390 people have been infection free in the state, of which 4,992 are from Bengaluru. He appealed to the patients who had become infection-free to donate their plasma.

Sudhakar said, “Please do not take it otherwise … We have decided to give an incentive of Rs 5,000 to the donor.” He said, “Please go ahead voluntarily and donate plasma to help patients recover.” When asked if plasma therapy has been done in Karnataka, Sudhakar said that of the five patients treated with this method, three of them recovered and two others died. “We have information that plasma therapy works to a great extent on Kovid’s patients,” Sudhakar told reporters. So the government has ordered an incentive amount of Rs 5,000. “