Juhi Chawla knocks court door against 5G technology in India, filed suit


Mumbai: Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla has been worrying about the 5G technology of mobile phones for the last several years. The actress says that it should not be implemented without analyzing the potentially harmful effects of radiofrequency on people’s health. Now, taking this matter further, the actress has also approached the court. Juhi Chawla has now filed a petition in Mumbai High Court against the implementation of 5G technology in India, whose first hearing is to be held today.

According to the media report, Juhi Chawla in his petition from the Telecom Ministry of the Government of India closely studied the impact of the implementation of 5G technology on the common people, all animals, forests, and environment. On the basis of such reports and such reports have also appealed to take a decision on whether to implement it in India or not. Juhi Chawla has been working to bring awareness towards radiation. The Center is going to implement 5G to achieve the goals of Digital India, meanwhile, Juhi has asked what substantial research has been done on this new technology?

Juhi Chawla’s spokesperson said in an official statement that before the introduction of 5G technology in India, RF radiation-related effects on mankind, women, men, adults, children, babies, animals, animals, flora, and the environment. A thorough study should be done and all the reports made or done related to it should be made public. The spokesperson says that it is necessary to clarify from such a study whether 5G technology is safe or not for the current and future generations of India and only then it should be considered for implementation.