Is it necessary to carry ticket on train journey or not?

train tikit

New Delhi: Indian Railways has now become hi-tech. Most railway services are available online. Everything from ticket booking to ticket cancellation can be done online. But, even today it is necessary to keep the ticket bought from the reservation counter with you at the time of travel. If the passenger wants to travel by carrying the photo of the railway ticket on his mobile, then this cannot happen.

If the counter ticket is not available, the passenger may be allowed to travel if certain conditions are met. First of all, that person has to prove in front of TTE that he is the same passenger in whose name the ticket is made. If the TTE is satisfied, he will have to pay some fine along with the ticket price. Therefore, if you take tickets from the reservation counter, always keep them with you.

That’s why it is important to keep the ticket with you
A photo of the ticket or Railway SMS cannot be valid. The reason for this is that the ticket made at the counter can be canceled by going to any other counter on the railway. Money can be withdrawn from the Railways by getting the ticket canceled up to half an hour after booking the ticket. If travel is allowed on the photo of the ticket, then there will be a two-way loss to the Railways. On the one hand, the seat on the railway will go and on the other hand, due to the cancellation of the ticket, the money will also go away.

When can you travel by message?
It is not necessary to keep the ticket with you at the time of the journey if you book the ticket through the IRCTC website or mobile phone app (IRCTC App). Railways consider the ticket confirmation message with seat and berth number on the passenger’s mobile phone as a valid ticket. By showing this message, the passenger can travel in the train.

Is a printout of an E-Ticket necessary?
If you have an e-ticket (Train e-ticket), then you just show the message to the TTE or show the screenshot of the ticket, even then your work will be done. That is, the message or screenshot of the e-ticket is considered a valid ticket by the Railways. Initially, the railway used to allow travel only on the printout of the e-ticket. But, when Mamta Banerjee became the Railway Minister, in 2012 itself, the compulsion for the e-ticket takers to carry the printout of the ticket was abolished.