IRDA’s big decision! Corona kavach will also be sold as a group insurance policy


New Delhi: The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has approved the sale of Corona Kavach Policy to all insurance companies as a Group Insurance Product. After this decision of IRDA, now all private and government companies and institutions will be able to buy Kovid-19 Health Insurance Policy for their employees. If an employee gets an infection from this, then it will be very easy for companies to treat them.

5% discount to a group of doctors, nurses, health workers
IRDA has expressed hope that this standard group policy will help all the private and government companies of the country in providing treatment to their employees with coronavirus. According to IRDA, if a group has doctors, nurses, and health workers directly combating the coronavirus, then they will be given a 5% discount on the purchase of the policy. This exemption is being given as an honor for their fight against Kovid-19.

The policy provides insurance cover for the treatment of corona

In view of the spread of Kovid-19, almost all general and health insurance companies started Corona Kavach policy from July 10. The aim is to provide a health insurance cover to the people at an affordable rate for the treatment of this epidemic. In this, the policy is being sold for three and a half months to nine and a half months. In this, the maximum amount of medical expenses of the insured has been kept at Rs 5 lakh.

Anyone can buy a minimum premium for Rs 208
This policy is becoming increasingly popular after launch. Most of the youth are buying it. This policy is quite reasonable. It can be taken at a minimum premium of up to Rs 208 monthly, which is extremely cheap. People from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Delhi-NCR, which are most affected by Corona, have shown more interest in it. The person can buy Corona armor for himself, his spouse, parents, in-laws and dependent children below 25 years.