IPL 2023: What is Slow Over Rate and Unfair Movement Rule?


Some new rules have been included in IPL 2023. These rules will start from the first match of the season today. Two of those few rules are 1. Slow Over Rate Rule, and 2. Unfair Movement Rule.

Let’s know what slow over-rate rules and unfair movement

Slow over rate rule
Under this rule, the bowling team will have to finish their overs within the stipulated time limit. If overtime is required, an additional player will be required to remain inside the 30-yard boundary as a penalty for the number of overs after the stipulated time limit. Yes, after the powerplay, 5 players can stay outside the 30-yard boundary for fielding. After the penalty, their number will be 4.


What is an Unfair Movement
If a fielder or wicketkeeper moves while bowling with the wrong intention, trying to distract the batting player, then the umpire can call it an unfair movement and call that ball dead ball. If this is found, 5 runs will be deducted as a penalty on the fielding team.

That is, the point is clear if any team is caught trying to trouble a batsman with wrong intentions, then a big loss may have to be played.