Instagram may let users make longer reels, also testing new tag tool

Instagram Reels

New Delhi: Instagram users who make reels may get good news soon. Meta, the company that owns Instagram, is planning to let users make reels up to 10 minutes long. Now, reels can only be 90 seconds long. Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer and leaker, posted screenshots of two-reel pages on his X handle. One page shows a three-minute reel and the other shows a 10-minute reel. If Instagram lets users make longer reels, it will compete better with TikTok and YouTube Shorts. It will also help Instagram users who want to make longer reels.

TikTok already lets users make videos up to 10 minutes long since 2022. YouTube also lets users upload long videos. But, Instagram only lets users make reels up to 90 seconds long. Instagram reels are very popular. But, because of the short time limit, Instagram cannot compete well with TikTok and YouTube. Meta has not officially said anything about making the reels longer.

How will it affect earnings?
If Instagram adds this option, content creators on the platform can make reels on different topics like long beauty tutorials, educational content, cooking demos, etc. Many creators think that they cannot share complete information in 90 seconds. It is not clear how longer reels will affect the earnings of the creators. But, they will definitely get more time to present their ideas better.


A new tag tool is being tested
Instagram is also working on a new tool. It will let users tag more than one person in a story. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri recently said, ‘We are working on a tool to tag more than one person in the same story. This tool will be very useful for the users because it will make the story more organized.