Indian students may get a big shock, can be sent back home from America


Washington: Amidst the apprehension that 8 lakh Indians will return from Kuwait, there is now bad news for Indian students from the US (US). The US is considering a plan to send all international students back home. America believes that international students who are running online classes, then they have no solid reason to stay in America. The US administration has also asked all universities and colleges to start all courses online as soon as possible.

According to CNN, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department said on Monday that the US is preparing to send all these students back to their country as part of a risky operation. In view of international students soon, some courses can be changed into ‘online only’ i.e. courses taught only through the internet. Thousands of Indian students are going to be directly affected by this decision of the US administration. In the US, a large number of foreign students are studying in universities, in training programs, and also in non-academic-vocational programs.

Many universities started courses
In the wake of Corona infection, many big universities in America have already started studying online. Harvard has also started all its courses online and students living on campus do not have to go to class anymore. As soon as this happened, the way has been opened for America to send back foreign students studying at Harvard. Professor Valeria Mendolia, who teaches at Howard from Mexico, says that it is a very disturbing decision that the students can be sent back forcefully. He said that many people are from such countries where according to their courses there is no education environment and there will not be enough help online.

The Immigration Department has announced that students with certain student visas do not need to remain in the US after online classes begin. America will not provide visas for such students every semester and they should return home. At present, online and in-person mix courses are going on in most universities of America, that means the student has the option to go online or campus according to the need of studies.

However, the US administration is insisting on changing it completely online. American Council of Education Vice President Brad Farnsworth said that he found the decision of government quite shocking. He said that this decision will create a situation of confusion for the academic staff and children of 1800 universities in the country. These colleges and universities have taken fees from the students and have made some promises to them, all of them cannot be denied on the pretext of coronavirus.