Indian-origin diplomat Atul Keshap appointed as Interim Ambassador of America to India

Indian-origin diplomat Atul Keshap

Washington: The US has appointed Indian-origin diplomat Atul Keshap as interim ambassador to India. This post is called ‘Charge de Affair’. Atul has served in the US State Department for a long time. Information about his appointment in India has been given by the US State Department.

It has been told by the US State Department that this responsibility has been entrusted to Atul after the retirement of senior member of the Foreign Service, Daniel Smith. Atul originally hails from Punjab, India. He has previously served as the Ambassador of Maldives and Sri Lanka.

Atul’s mother has also served in the US Foreign Service
Atul’s father Keshap Chander Sen was a resident of Punjab. He worked as a United Nations Development Economist. His appointment was in Nigeria and there Atul was also born. Atul’s mother has been in the US Foreign Service.

Indian-origin diplomat Atul Keshap

India-US relations will get stronger
It is believed that with the appointment of Atul, the relations between India and America will get stronger. In the past, India-US friendship has deepened through the Quad and 2+2 meetings. India and America are important members of the Quad, an organization of democratic countries.