Indian Navy and NCB seize record-breaking drug haul from dhow

Indian Navy and NCB seize record-breaking drug

New Delhi: In a major crackdown on drug trafficking, the Indian Navy and the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) seized over 3,300 kgs of illicit substances from a dhow off the coast of Porbandar on February 27. The contraband included 3,089 kgs of charas, 158 kgs of methamphetamine, and 25 kgs of morphine, worth several crores in the international market. This is the largest drug seizure by the Indian Navy and the NCB in terms of quantity.

The joint operation was launched after the P-8I aircraft, a multi-role long-range maritime reconnaissance anti-submarine warfare aircraft, detected a suspicious dhow during a surveillance mission. An Indian Navy ship, which was on patrol duty, was diverted to intercept the dhow and conduct a search operation. The dhow, which is a traditional Arab sailing vessel², was found to be carrying a huge consignment of drugs concealed in its compartments.

The five crew members of the dhow, all of whom are foreign nationals, were arrested and taken into custody. The dhow, along with the drugs and the accused, were handed over to the law enforcement agencies for further investigation and legal action. The NCB will hold a press conference at 3 pm today to share more details about the operation and the origin and destination of the drugs.

Indian Navy and NCB seize record-breaking drug

The successful operation is a result of the close coordination and cooperation between the Indian Navy and the NCB, which are the nodal agencies for combating drug trafficking and abuse in India. The operation also reflects India’s commitment to ensuring maritime security and preventing the use of its waters for illegal activities.