Indian Army bowed after Supreme Court’s rebuke, decided to give permanent commission to women

Indian army

New Delhi: In order to avoid contempt of court, the Indian Army on Friday assured the Supreme Court to comply with the order. Earlier, the Supreme Court had given a historic decision that women cannot be discriminated against in the army and should also be given permanent commission like men. After this, the army had given the permanent commission to many women, but some were not given. By filing a petition in the Supreme Court, 71 such women had spoken of contempt of court’s order. This petition was being heard. Indian Army has said that it will give permanent commission to women.

In this case, it was told by the army that only 14 women out of 72 have not been given a permanent commission. Because he is not medically fit. After hearing this argument, the Supreme Court said on Friday that our decision is clear. Despite this, the army did not take the right action and did not follow the order. The army should understand that it is not above the Constitution. Prima facie appears to be a case of contempt of court.

Indian army

Justice DY Chandrachud said that prima facie it appears that there has been contempt of the order of the court. Still, we give a chance to the army to rectify its mistake. It was again told by the army that at present only 14 women out of 72 have been found medically unfit. The case of a woman is under consideration. Letters have been sent to the rest of the women for permanent commission. After this, the army immediately decided that 11 out of 14 women would be given permanent commission within 10 days. But it cannot be given to only 3 women because they are not meeting the standards at all.

The Supreme Court agreed to this and ordered to issue letters to these 11 women. But the Supreme Court simultaneously ordered that women who have not come to the Supreme Court and have not been able to file a case should also be issued a letter to the Permanent Commission. This work should be completed in the next 20 days.