India Gears Up for Fourth Phase of Lok Sabha Elections 2024: A Comprehensive Overview

Election Commission

New Delhi: The Election Commission of India has officially announced the commencement of the fourth phase of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s democratic process. On May 13, from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, voters across 10 states will cast their ballots for 96 crucial Lok Sabha seats, potentially altering the political landscape of the country.

The states participating in this phase include Andhra Pradesh with 25 seats, Bihar (5), Jharkhand (4), Madhya Pradesh (8), Maharashtra (11), Odisha (4), Telangana (17), Uttar Pradesh (13), West Bengal (8), and Jammu and Kashmir (1). The election notification, released on April 18, sets the stage for candidates to file their nomination papers starting immediately.

The deadline for the submission of nomination papers is slated for April 25, followed by a thorough scrutiny on April 26. Candidates will have the opportunity to withdraw their nominations until April 29. Following the conclusion of the nomination process, the electorate will exercise their democratic right on May 13, with the anticipation of results being declared on June 4.

In a precursor to this phase, the first phase of elections will take place on April 19, encompassing 102 seats across 21 states. A diverse array of 1625 candidates, including 8 Union Ministers, 2 former Chief Ministers, and a former Governor, will vie for the electorate’s favor. This phase will also see polling in 8 seats of Uttar Pradesh and all 5 seats of Uttarakhand.

Election Commission

The Lok Sabha Elections 2024 are conducted in a multi-phase manner to ensure a smooth and orderly electoral process, allowing adequate security and logistical arrangements. As the nation watches, the outcomes of these elections will shape the future direction of India’s governance and policy-making.