India Alliance Opts for Opposition Role After Election Results

INDIA block meeting

New Delhi: In the aftermath of the election results, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has initiated preparations to establish the government. A parliamentary party meeting was convened to elect the leader. Simultaneously, the INDIA Alliance held a crucial meeting in Delhi, attended by leaders from various parties. After extensive deliberation lasting approximately two hours, the India Alliance reached a significant decision: they will not pursue government formation at this time and will refrain from staking a claim.

Sources indicate that during the meeting, the India Alliance resolved not to actively seek government formation unless substantial support materializes in the future. In the recent Lok Sabha elections, the alliance secured 234 seats, falling 40 seats short of a majority. Despite negotiations with other parties, the required numbers for a majority remained elusive. Consequently, the alliance opted to assume the role of the opposition.

The INDIA bloc leaders issued a joint statement on Wednesday which said, “The constituents of the India bloc thank the people of India for the overwhelming support received by our alliance. The people’s mandate has given a befitting reply to the BJP and its politics of hate, corruption and deprivation. This is a political and moral defeat of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

INDIA block meeting

The statement further said that this is a mandate in defense of the Constitution of India and against price rise, unemployment, and crony capitalism of the Modi Government.

“The India bloc will continue to fight against the fascist rule of the BJP led by Sh. Modi. We will take appropriate steps at the appropriate time to realize the people’s desire not to be ruled by the BJP’s government,” the statement added.