IIT-Kanpur professor dies of heart attack during alumni conference

Sameer Khandekar

Kanpur: Sameer Khandekar, a 53-year-old professor of mechanical engineering and dean of student affairs at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, passed away on Saturday after suffering a heart attack while delivering a lecture at an alumni conference. He was a renowned scientist and researcher in the field of microfluidics and heat transfer.

According to IIT officials, Khandekar was addressing the gathering of alumni and faculty members on the stage when he suddenly felt severe chest pain and started sweating profusely. He collapsed on the stage before anyone could react. He was rushed to the hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

IIT officials said that Khandekar had a history of high cholesterol and was under medication for the past five years. A professor, who wished to remain anonymous, said that Khandekar was a workaholic and often neglected his health. He said that Khandekar was involved in several research projects and academic activities and was very passionate about his work.

Abhay Karandikar, the former director of IIT-Kanpur, expressed his shock and grief over the sudden demise of Khandekar, whom he described as an outstanding teacher and researcher. He said that Khandekar had made significant contributions to the field of mechanical engineering and had mentored many students and researchers. He said that Khandekar was a humble and friendly person who was respected by everyone at the institute.

Sameer Khandekar

Karandikar confirmed that Khandekar’s body has been kept at the institute’s health center and the last rites will be performed only after the arrival of his only son Pravah Khandekar, who is pursuing his studies at Cambridge University in London. He said that the institute will provide all the necessary support and assistance to the bereaved family. He also said that the institute will organize a condolence meeting to pay tribute to Khandekar.

Those who were present at the alumni conference said that Khandekar’s last words were ‘Take care of your health’, which he uttered as a piece of advice to the audience. They said that Khandekar’s death was a huge loss to the institute and the scientific community. They remembered him as a brilliant and dedicated professor who inspired many students and colleagues.