If you forgot to take second dose of Covid vaccine, do not panic, you can do these measures

second dose

New Delhi: The vaccination campaign against Corona is going on at a fast pace in the country. Soon India will become the country to inject 100 crore doses of Covid Vaccine. However, a large number of people who have taken the first dose are being appealed to take the second dose continuously. There are some people in the country who have either forgotten to take the second dose or have been delayed in taking the dose on time. In such a situation, health experts say that it is very important to have a second dose for 100% protection from the corona.

In this regard, ICMR’s National Institute for Implementation Research on Non-Communicable Diseases (National Institute for Implementation on Non-Communicable Diseases) experts told that under the prescribed arrangement of Covid Vaccination. After taking the first dose, you are informed through a message to take the second dose. This message is sent continuously until you take the second dose of the Covid vaccine and your certificate of complete vaccination is ready. Despite this, if a person is unable to take the vaccine after the prescribed time for the second dose or forgets, then in this situation expert advice can be consulted.

It is very important to take a second dose of the vaccine for protection from the corona. So that enough antibodies can be made against the disease.

Doctors say that the person has one option that even after the stipulated time has passed, he should get the second dose of the vaccine. If he does not do this, then he can get an antibody test done after consulting a doctor. During this time, if antibodies against Covid are not made or antibodies are made in very small quantities, then he can also get re-vaccinated from the first dose. However, a doctor’s advice will have to be taken for this.

According to experts so far no research or study has been done on this issue, nor has there been any guideline that if antibodies are not made and vaccination is delayed, then re-vaccination should be started again. Apart from this, one of the main reasons is that every person in the country should be given at least the first dose of the vaccine, and if the vaccine is not wasted, then it may be that the doctor advises to vaccinate with the first dose. Although vaccination is done privately, then there is no harm in it and the vaccine can be re-vaccinated.

The second dose is also very important
Experts say that antibodies are partially formed after the first dose of the Covid vaccine. Antibody titer test gives an idea of ​​what percentage of antibodies are made in the body after taking the vaccine. For example, if after taking the first dose of vaccine forty percent antibodies are formed, then for the remaining 60 percent antibodies, we have to take the second dose of Covid vaccine, which will give us 100 percent protection against infection and virus in the body. As soon as you enter it will deactivate it at the same place.