Himani Bundela became first crorepati of KBC season 13

Now she will be seen answering questions of 7 crores


Mumbai: “A winner doesn’t do any different work, he does everything differently…” These were the words of Himani Bundela, a blind contestant from Agra, who started her KBC journey on the hot seat. Enthusiastic, Himani is a teacher who works hard to make maths class a fun class for primary school students.

She is the most favorite teacher of her students as she makes the learning experience special by calling Mental Maths ‘Maths Magic’. As her KBC journey begins on 30th and 31st August, she will also be seen teaching some mental maths tricks to Mr. Bachchan, who appreciated it very much.

In the year 2011, Himani was the victim of an unfortunate accident, due to which her vision became blurred. Even after several operations, the doctors could not save her eyesight. Despite facing a traumatic experience, Himani didn’t let her hopes get lost and with time, dedicated her life to her passion.

She is teaching this to children and making them aware of the situations people with special needs have to face. Himani strongly believes in being happy and spreading happiness. Himani said something in KBC, “everyone lives lived here, but live life such that it becomes an example!” She really lived up to her words and she was on the show!

Himani will be seen answering the questions asked by Computer Ji with great care and precision and will charm everyone with her enthusiasm and positive attitude! After successfully answering the question of 1 crore, she will be seen trying to answer the question of 7 crores with the same enthusiasm.


Himani said, “Coming to Kaun Banega Crorepati and meeting Mr. Bachchan has always been a dream and I am glad that I was able to fulfill it. Mr. Bachchan made me feel so comfortable on the sets of the show that I didn’t panic at all. My life has not been easy since the accident. Many of us, especially my parents, my brothers, and sisters had to struggle a lot to get back our livelihood.

“As a visually impaired woman, I hope my coming to KBC will bring a lot of hope for people like me. Many students with special needs get admission in schools and colleges, but there are no coaching academies for government competitive exams, which admit students with any type of disability. With the money I have won, I want to open a coaching academy which trains ‘Divyang’ children for government competitive exams.”