Healthy youth will have to wait until 2022 for the corona vaccine: WHO


New Delhi: Healthy young people may have to wait until 2022 for the corona vaccine. This is to say that WHO chief scientist of the World Health Organization, Soumya Swaminathan. During a social media event, he has said – Most people agree with the introduction of the vaccine to healthcare and frontline workers. But in this also, we have to decide the priorities, which is the most risk.

We have to decide priorities
He said that a lot of suggestions are coming about the vaccine. But I believe that healthy and young people will have to wait till 2022 for the vaccine. Saumya Vishwanathan said that most of the people are wondering when the vaccine comes and they should start normal life by taking its dose. But this is not really going to happen. With the introduction of the vaccine, priorities will be set in which health care workers, front line workers and aged people will be on priority.

Dr. Soumya Swaminathan

Russia and China are also vaccinated on priority basis
Significantly, in countries like China and Russia, who claim to have made the vaccine, priority is also being set for vaccination. Reports said that China has placed its army officers, health staff on the first priority. At the same time, Russia has put the frontline workers, the aged people and journalists also in the priority of the Corona vaccine.

Vaccine may arrive in India early next year
Priorities for this will also be decided in India. Health Minister Harshvardhan has explained in detail the process of vaccine delivery in a meeting with PM Modi. The Health Minister has said that the Corona vaccine may be available in India early next year.