Health Ministry’s instruction on Corona- if fever does not come for three days, then discharge without investigation

Lav Agarwal

New Delhi: The Ministry of Health has issued increased instructions for the corona infected. Under which any patient does not have a fever for three consecutive days, then he can be discharged from the hospital. This information was given by Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health in a press conference held on Wednesday.

Aggarwal said, “The sharp jump in COVID cases in India; Active cases as on 12 January 9,55,319… High growth is seen globally – 159 countries; Eight countries in Europe recorded an increase of more than two times in the last two weeks.

He said, “The positivity rate was 1.1% on December 30, it has increased to 11.05%. The #COVID19 figures coming from Maharashtra, Pt. Bengal, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, U.P., Kerala, and Gujarat are a matter of concern.

Lav Agarwal

“A total of 115 deaths were confirmed globally and 1 in India due to Omicron,” the health ministry said. “According to WHO, Omicron has a substantial development advantage over Delta… Data from South Africa, UK, Canada, Denmark suggest a lower risk of hospitalization for Omicron compared to Delta.”

Lav Agarwal said, “After the review meeting by the PM on the COVID situation, we have revised our discharge policy with graded severity in mild and moderate cases.” “There are mild cases after at least 7 days from testing positive for 3 consecutive days and non-emergency, they do not need to be tested before discharge,” he said.

Further said, “Moderate case – If there is the resolution of symptoms, the patient maintains O2 saturation >93% (without O2) for 3 consecutive days. Such patient will be discharged.”

Those coming in contact with the infected will be home quarantined
ICMR chief Balram Bhargava said, “All symptomatic cases, including all at-risk contacts, need to be tested… asymptomatic cases need not be tested unless they are at high risk. Home quarantine for 7 days will be mandatory for all contacts as per the guidelines.