GST exemption on freight abolished, traders protest

traders protest

Mumbai: The difficulties of traders are increasing due to the changes taking place in GST. Now there is anger among the traders due to the abolition of GST exemption on goods freight. Traders’ federation Confederation of All India Traders (CAT) has opposed the abolition of this exemption.

CAIT’s Mumbai President Shankar Thakkar said that even traders, tax practitioners, and officers are worried about the continuous changes. In such a situation, now major changes have been made in the provisions of GST for those doing business of transport. Till now, freight up to Rs 750 was kept out of GST, in the case of full vehicle freight, the amount of tax-free fare was up to Rs 1,500 per vehicle, but now this exemption in GST on goods freight has ended. Is. GST will have to be paid on every type of freight paid to the transport agency.

traders protest

Over 1,100 Variations
Under the new provision, every trader will have to deposit the amount of GST under reverse charge. This paid amount can be used by the businessmen as an input tax credit. If the transporters want, they can choose the option of forwarding charge and collect GST from the merchant along with the freight and deposit it in the government’s account itself. Food Oil Traders Federation General Secretary Tarun Jain said that more than 1,100 changes have been made after the implementation of GST. In this way, everyone is worried about the changes happening every day. Some changes are not even understood by the authorities. Therefore, the government should make major changes only after some gap.