Ground sunk up to 1 foot at Badrinath, danger to Char Dham Yatra


New Delhi: According to the big news coming from Uttarakhand, now after Joshimath, the land in Badrinath has sunk up to one foot. It is being told that the main reason for this is the demolition of the old buildings present here. In fact, many old buildings are being demolished here and they are being given a new look, due to which this collapse has happened due to the earth’s vibration due to the excavation being done during the construction work here. However, due to this, there is no danger on Chardham Yatra.

Please inform that due to bad weather in Uttarakhand, new registration for Kedarnath has been banned once again till tomorrow i.e. 25th May. And now the biggest trouble has come on the people of Joshimath. In fact, the hotel owners have now got their hotels vacated by the people shifted from the houses with cracks to the hotels. That’s why some of these people have to return to their homes under compulsion.


Be aware that the condition of Joshimath, which has been facing this landslide since October 2021, had become even more worrying in January. Then the cracks in the houses here became wide and deep, due to seepage of water at various places, cracks had appeared in 868 houses of all the 9 wards here. The Disaster Management Authority had declared 181 houses in four of these wards unsafe.